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There is nothing that can adequately prepare you for going face to face with the biggest fish in the water; humpback whales can prepare you for their immense size, manta rays may be comparable in their grace, and dolphins can prepare you with their kind and reassuring attitude. Nevertheless, when their mesmerising oscillating patterns come into focus, framed by the gigantic shark-like form, you have to convince yourself that you are not on the menu and that you are not dreaming either! Your body is inundated with a feeling that can only be defined as love, and time seems to stop still for a minute as you experience a rush of adrenaline paired with happiness as you take in the breathtaking natural beauty around you, brought to you by the best Exmouth snorkelling tours.

However, in order to reach Nirvana, there is the arduous chore of selecting the best whale shark tour Ningaloo you will go with on this voyage that will forever change your life.

Difference Between Whale Shark Season and Shoulder Season

To begin, it is essential to understand that trips are offered throughout both the whale shark season and the shoulder shark season! The months of March through August are considered to be whale shark season, and because of this, the best Exmouth snorkelling tours are during these months! 

Shoulder Season, on the other hand, runs from August to November, and even though it offers the exciting prospect of seeing whale sharks and humpback whales at the same time, sightings of shale Sharks are less common and, as a result, they are not guaranteed.

Exmouth’s Top-Rated Whale Shark Tours Similarities

All Exmouth snorkelling tours last between 8 and 10 hours and accommodate no more than 20 passengers on a 20-passenger Westcoaster Powerboat (ideal for conditions and activities around the Ningaloo). Swims are conducted with a maximum of 10 people in the water for a maximum of 1 hour per whale shark and are all directed by a spotter aircraft above. All guides must complete particular certifications to work with whale sharks. Admission to the park is included.

Every tour that departs from Exmouth includes complimentary hotel transfers as well as complimentary professional photography taken during your day out. You will be given a chance to snorkel on the world-famous Ningaloo Reef, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Wetsuits and snorkelling equipment will be supplied for you, and a great buffet-style lunch and morning tea will be offered to keep you energised.

Exmouth’s Top-Rated Whale Shark Tours Differences

Before you book your whale shark trip in Exmouth, we will go over all of the crucial factors that you need to think about, from the length of the excursion to the precautions that should be taken.

Providing the Most!

You may choose between two tours offered by the same company that both guarantee you’ll see whale sharks: the cheaper Powerboat “Investigator” or, the more luxurious Catamaran “Windcheetah” (the most expensive). The reef hosts two snorkelling sessions every day, during which observers are welcome to utilise stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) and kayaks. All ages are welcome; you may have afternoon tea and bubbles upon your return. They also offer one of the most reasonable cancellation policies in the business, making it the best whale shark tour Ningaloo.

Delivering the Biggest!

The “Magellan” is one of the best Exmouth snorkelling tours that offer the largest vessel for swimming with whale sharks and also has one of the most reasonable cancellation procedures. They advertise this as a fun outing for people of all ages and provide two snorkelling sessions on the reef, both of which are open to observers. Everyone gets to swim with the manta rays if any are found (observers included). Afternoon tea is provided without bubbles, and watercraft are not permitted during snorkel sessions. However, if you’d want to bring your own alcohol to enjoy after your watersports, you’re welcome to do so—even if there’s an Esky on board to keep your beverages frosty.

Providing Sea Scooters!

Two snorkelling sessions with whale sharks, including the use of sea scooters and kayaks, are available exclusively on the “Heron” tour. Although they advertise this event as suitable for all ages, no bubbles or afternoon tea will be provided. Be careful if you decide to book with this tour operator since they do not provide refunds for cancellations.

Providing Maximum Security!

It is not the greatest value for money to swim with whale sharks on the “Venture IV,” since there is only one snorkelling session, there is no invitation issued to observers, there is no watercraft, there is no afternoon tea, and the company’s cancellation policy is not one of the more favourable ones. 

It is the only one that will launch a Safety Zodiac, which is a four-metre watercraft, to follow you in the water with the deepest concern for your safety, advertise itself to people of all ages, and give bubbles on the way back in.


Are you interested in having the most enjoyable time possible when snorkelling in Exmouth? No need to look any further! The town of Exmouth is home to some of the most impressive snorkelling experiences in all of Australia. It is an ideal location for snorkelers of all skill levels since the seas are very clean, the coral reefs are teeming with life, and there is an abundance of marine species. So, whether you want to go diving in the depths of Ningaloo Reef or take a trip down the coast, you can choose from a broad range of possibilities with the best Exmouth snorkelling tours.

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