What Special Landmarks and Exotics Landscapes Can We See on Our Trip to the Pacific?

The pacific islands are beautiful places to dream of visiting. The islands are with various lovely sites, crystal clear waters, mountains, and other exotic landmarks and landscapes. Asides from these amazing sights, there are numerous fun and exclusive activities to engage in while visiting these places. However, one must be careful while embarking on such trips as these mainly in the Coronavirus eras. The reason for this is that with the viral effects of coronavirus, one has to take extra caution to prevent the virus from spreading.

Outstanding Advice for Travelling in Coronavirus Times

One of the crucial steps to take to ensure a safe trip during coronavirus is to check the travel restrictions and requirements made by the state or country you are traveling from and that you are going. Checking these restrictions and conditions will help to avoid unnecessary delays or even embarrassments. The sites to check these restrictions are the state and local health departments’ websites. Other tips to take note of while traveling are the following: –

  • Maintaining a reasonable distance of 6 feet between one another
  • Wearing a face mask or face shield
  • Avoiding the frequent touch of surfaces 
  • Usage of hand sanitizers or frequent washing of hands with soap and water
  • Packing a list of safe travel supplies like disinfectant wipes and thermometer

Remarkable Landmarks and Landscapes to visit on the Pacific

As explained earlier, there are many sights to see in the Pacific. To enjoy the activities and views, one has to go with a travel agency or tour company that offers special packages and elegant and luxurious deals. Hence, it is imperative to read reviews about tour companies. For instance, getting ideas from Pacific Holiday’s customer opinions will help create more insights that provide enough flexibility and offer innovative and high-quality travel packages that are affordable. The following are remarkable landmarks and exotic landscapes to appreciate while on the trip to the Pacific: –

  • Big Sur

One of the attractions worth noticing and appreciating while on the Pacific trip is the Big Sur. The Big Sur is a representation of a settlement that people drive through to the Pacific. River Inn and State Park in the Big Sur give the sight an attractive look as they are places of relaxation and fun to road travelers while on the trip to the Pacific.

  • The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge joins the San Francisco Bay to Marin County, California, and opens up to meet the Pacific Ocean. It is an iconic structure or construction that depicts a unique landmark as it has become a significant attraction to take note of while on the trip to the Pacific.

  • Fiji 

Fiji is an island country in the Southwest Pacific. Fiji gained popularity due to its exotic landscape with beaches, islands, lagoons, mountains, museums, amongst other unique and exotic attractions. Hence, due to those exotic places, Fiji remains one of the top Pacific Islands attractions.


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