Typical Eating, and souvenirs typical of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Tourism is one of the favorite tourist attractions of local and foreign tourists. The exotic scenery and charm of the sea of ​​sand can amaze the tourists.

It’s easy to get to the location. You can use travel packages, private cars or rental cars in Surabaya car rental

Mount Bromo is also not free from culinary tourism or regional specialties and souvenirs. As with other regions, the exoticism and beauty of Bromo mountain tourism is also inseparable from culinary tours or special foods of the area.

Aron Rice

Aron rice is called a typical culinary food for Tengger residents. Made from the basic ingredients of white corn which can only be found on the slopes of Mount Bromo. The presentation was accompanied by ranti leaf vegetable, tofu, potato mixture with tofu, tempeh, and sea fish. Do not forget to add chili paste to provide a spicy sensation on the tongue.

Aron rice is more savory and more filling than ordinary rice. Storage can hold up to one week if you know how to store it. Typically, the presentation of Aron Rice is included along with other typical side dishes, including ranti leaf vegetables, tofu, potato mixture with tofu, tempeh, and sea fish. Do not forget the additional chili paste that will provide an extra spicy sensation on your tongue and can warm the body in the cold Bromo air.

Aron Rice in Mount Bromo Tourism In fact it is rarely found in the stalls closest to the Bromo tourist attraction, Most Stalls only provide dishes such as: Fried Rice, Lasiapan Rice, Lodhe Rice, and Mixed Rice.

Edelweiss Flowers (eternity)

Visitors of Mount Bromo Tourism have a large selection of souvenirs to take home. One of them is cute and cute dolls made from edelweiss flowers. Edelweiss flowers grow at heights.

Edelweiss flower sellers in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo now not only sell edelweiss in the form of stems. They created various forms of beautiful dolls, including bears, dogs and cats.

Tourists who go up to Penanjakan Hill, Tosari, Pasuruan will find it easier to find this seller of edelweiss flowers. Dozens of sellers pacing offer tourists who are enjoying the panoramic sunrise at the top of Mountain.

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