Tips on Choosing a Shipping Service for Online Businesses

For you online business, one of the challenges that must be faced is how to deliver products to customers in a timely and flawless manner, effectively and efficiently. Yes, freight forwarding services become one important thing, because these services act as intermediaries for the success or failure of transactions from the seller to the buyer.

In order to choose the right shipping service, there are a few things you need to know:

1. Select the currently popular and available in each area

Shipping services that are already popular usually have a much more complete shipping route compared to other heavy goods shipping services or also known as (jasa pengiriman barang berat). A complete route will make it easier for us to send products to areas that are located quite far from major cities. So that we will not experience problems shipping products and can reach all regions in Indonesia.

2. Choose a delivery service that is trusted, online and on time.

This will improve your business relationship with customers, because usually there are customers who are impatient. The length of time of delivery is a factor that must be considered. Because some shipping services have a predetermined deadline.

Now, in the face of customers who are often impatient and troublesome, we can rely on the tracking system that is owned by a shipping service. Give the shipping receipt number to the customer so he feels satisfied and can monitor the package orders he has purchased himself. So that our goods shipments run smoothly, you can try the expedition services offered by offers affordable Jakarta shipping expeditions (pengiriman ekspedisi jakarta) and an easy tracking system. For more information about, you can visit the site

3. Able to offer security guarantees

Goods shipping companies must also provide security guarantees for the goods during the shipping process. This safety factor includes a guarantee if the customer’s goods are lost or damaged.

4. Offering competitive rates

Cost is one of the considerations you should think about in choosing a shipping service.

Direct and Indirect Freight Forwarding Services

In addition to the above, you also need to provide this option for customers. Each of course has advantages. Here are the considerations:

Direct Shipping

The purpose of direct shipping is to send goods instantly so they can arrive at their destination as quickly as possible. In addition you can find out how long the item can get to its destination in accordance with the distance.

This type of shipping can help you to send goods quickly so that customers can receive goods ordered according to customer expectations. This is an option to support your business and increase customer satisfaction.

Indirect Shipping

This type of shipping usually takes a little longer than direct shipping. Some logistics services provide services to arrive quickly, but at a slightly expensive price. In addition, the goods to be sent must be brought to the logistics service branch office to be prepared.

Most people use this type of indirect shipping to send goods between cities. This type of indirect shipping is usually used as the logistics standard for shipping goods in an online shop and e-commerce business with a delivery period of 2-3 days.

Shipping or logistics services are one important component in running an online business. So it is very important to choose a shipping service that is trusted and suits your business needs.

That way, this can benefit you and certainly increase customer satisfaction with the quality of service you provide.


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