Safe Places to Visit in Europe During the Post Coronavirus Era

Travelling can be very exciting and refreshing, especially if the reason is for relaxation or to go on holidays. Almost everyone looks forward to that time of the year when they can let their work or school clothes be and take up the ones for relaxation. One of the popular continents that pops into the mind for holidays is most likely Europe. The reason for this usual selection cannot be far-fetched as Europe is known for her unique locations filled with rich culture, comfort and fun. 

Although the COVID -19 pandemic struck heavily in 2020 and subjected many nations of the world to restrict movement, the good thing is that the world is gradually opening up to life again. With this happening, what better place to visit than Europe? Since countries around the world are already opening their borders to receive travellers, there is the need to look out for safe European holidays destinations to visit.

Safe Holiday Destinations to Visit in Europe During the Post- Coronavirus Era

Many countries in Europe are gradually starting businesses. Flights, Hotels and even Schools are setting up long-lasting measures to help them stay open and safe during this period. Some of these destinations even have hospitals set up nearby so that their visitors will benefit the health facilities provided in case of emergencies. Some of the best and safe places to visit in Europe during this post coronavirus era are: –

  1. Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. Georgia was part of the few countries around the world that acted fast with the measure to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Hence, it is one of the few countries that was least affected by the virus. Tbilisi is a lovely city filled with rich culture and magnificent buildings that are worth visiting or learning. Apart from being one of the safest places health-wise, the crime rate there is highly reduced as well.

  1. Cravat, Croatia

This is the home of many celebrities as well as fans of culture, nature and sports. Croatia is also one of the countries that quickly rose to the challenge of the pandemic. Hence, they are one of the few affected countries. This particular destination makes sure that they have enough facilities in their hospitals, and it is also a perfect place to maintain social distancing still.

  1. Preveza, Greece

The record of the world’s safest places during this period places Preveza the fifth on the list. Therefore, it is one of the beautiful cities to visit whilst still maintaining social distancing and an excellent overall health condition.

Precautions to Take Before Travelling

Before travelling to these unique and safe places during this period, it is imperative to take note of the following measures: –

  1. Practice social distancing in these places to ensure safety
  2. Wear face masks when necessary to avoid contracting the virus as it is air-borne
  3. Avoid travelling with poor health
  4. Protect the health of the vulnerable ones, that is, the aged, overweight and those with respiratory problems.


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