6 Important Travel Rules of “New Normal” Routine

Like many other travel destinations in the world, Saudi Arabia implements “New Normal” rules before reopening the borders. The KSA is reopening the borders for several countries after a long break. Thanks to the couponksa.com for immediate support on travel facilities. This source came up with Etihad coupon code right after the news of travel relaxations. Aside from the public health SOPs, some additional protection steps will have to be taken. Tourists must learn these steps in order to stay safe and avoid any trouble.

Medical Checkup:

It is suggested that everyone must get medical checkup before booking the vacation plans. Some countries such as KSA might need you present a PCR test report. Nowadays, the KSA also requires the passengers to quarantine in Oman. This quarantine will be for 15 days and then you will get entrance in KSA.

Wear PPEs:

Personal protective equipment such as facemasks and hand gloves are mandatory. Pandemic has given us a lesson of health precaution. Tourists can’t ignore these lessons. From the moment, anyone steps out of the home to take the flight it is good to wear the facemask and hand gloves. This combination is enough to protect you from the virus.

Avoid Overcrowded Places:

While booking flights tickets for upcoming vacations with Etihad coupon code, tourists must leave the overcrowded destinations. Select some remote destinations. Or you can choose some new locations with hidden beauty treasures. Covid-19 pandemic gave several new ideas to explore the untouched parts of the world. For example, more people select Costa Rica rather than Mauritius and Thailand. It is due to the fact that Costa Rica is less crowded place but it offers the stunning beach and natural beauty.

Choose Cashless Transaction:

First of all, cashless transaction got attention in 2020 when pandemic was on rise. It is safe because currency notes may be a source of contamination. Recently, health experts suggested minimizing the cash utilization. We have debit or credit cards. We can use online or phone banking for transactions. In Saudi Arabia, almost all the supermarkets and leading stores accept the debit/credit cards.

Follow Health SOPs during Travel:

This is most important thing to do in order to protect you from the virus. Traveling in the “New Normal” is no longer difficult but you have to accept the new changes. It would be great to make certain changes in the travel routines. Safety protocols are good to keep you and your family safe from the virus.

Share Social Medial Status:

This is a travel safety tip. Sharing the social media story enables the tourists keep in touch with friends and family. On the other hand, it makes an online activity or movement map. Your phone is tracking wherever you go. The Etihad coupon code also helps everyone to organize a fun travel. Keep these things in mind for a joyous and healthy journey in your home country or abroad. Your relatives can learn about your health and activity status after reading the stories on social media.  


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